Invisalign Teen

Teenagers have it tough; there’s school and peer pressures, there’s dating, sports and so much more. Getting through it all is tough enough, but imagine having to manage all your activities wearing cumbersome metal braces. Fear not Summerville and Cane Bay Teenagers! Today no one has to suffer with those unsightly metal braces anymore, struggling to eat and speak. With Invisalign Teen® and orthodontist Dr. Reagin, the fact that their teeth are being straightened will be known only to the patient and him alone.

Invisalign Teen aligners are constructed out of clear, smooth-to-the-touch plastic that does not hurt teeth or gums. These invisible plastic aligners allow privacy. Summerville Teenagers can go about school and sports and even dating with these aligners on. Their friends won’t be able to guess, and they can smile and talk and enjoy life just like before.

What’s more, these aligners work very fast to straighten teeth. That means fewer appointments and faster results. Reagin Orthodontics will change out your aligners every few weeks, fitting you with new aligners that are closer to the intended position of your teeth. With two convenient locations in Summerville and Cane Bay, affordable financing, and accepting most dental insurance plans, Reagin Orthodontics makes it as easy as possible to get quality orthodontic care.