9 Things to Know When Choosing An Orthodontist

Which Orthodontist Do I Choose?

  1. The obvious and easiest place to get started is with your current friends, neighbors and colleagues. If those friends and social contacts are parents, in particular, they are often great resources when you need to find an Orthodontist. Find out which Orthodontist they use and why… and, if they sought out multiple opinions why they didn’t choose a particular Orthodontist.
  1. At Reagin Orthodontics, we often hear from future patients that they have had great success by doing some background checking of their own. Check out the Orthodontist on social media as well as the orthodontist’s website. Do they have positive reviews? Is their website up to date? Instagram? Facebook? Look for an Orthodontist that is involved in social media as it is a good indication that they are committed to newer technology.
  1. When it comes to braces or Invisalign, make sure that you are seeing an Orthodontist and not a dentist. An Orthodontist is a general dentist with at least three more years of advanced training. Make sure that the Orthodontist has the required education, degrees and training.
  1. Before you choose an Orthodontist make sure that you have a thorough initial consultation.   Your consultation should include a physical exam as well as x-rays and photographs.   An Orthodontist should meet with you for a complimentary exam to determine your needs. This first appointment is an ideal time to learn both your Orthodontist’s philosophy of care. Additionally, get a feel for the office and the office team —see how helpful and friendly the staff may be, how welcoming the environment is and how clean the practice is kept.
  1. Most importantly, do not ever be afraid to ask questions. Ask every single question that comes to mind, no matter how insignificant it may seem. You need to be able to discern whether your Orthodontist will be open to his/her patient asking questions, and to assess how well the Orthodontist can help you understand the answers to the questions you’ve asked.
  1. Consider where your Orthodontist lives. This is a good indication of how vested they are in the community. Will the investment you are making in orthodontic care come back to your community?
  1. How many doctors are at the office? Seeing more than one doctor for orthodontic care can significantly increase your treatment time. I would liken it to changing architects mid project. Sure it can be done, but it is not the most efficient method.
  1. How many offices do they have? Typically the more offices the higher volume of patients the Orthodontist will see at each location. The more patients per day the less time they have to spend with you. Additionally, rescheduled appointments and emergency appointments might not be at the office near you. With fewer offices or only one office the Orthodontist has the advantage of seeing a lower volume of patients and can emphasize quality of care. And with one office you always know where you are going for your appointments.
  1. It is good to know that most office visits are every 8-10 weeks if the Orthodontist is using the latest technology in their office. Additionally, Technology and treatment philosophy can vary greatly among orthodontist depending on where they were educated and how committed they are to continuing education.

Take the time to find the right person and the right practice as you move towards a beautiful smile that will last a lifetime.

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Help, I Have A Braces Emergency!

braces emergency

You are having a great evening with you friends and suddenly something doesn’t feel right with your braces. What do you do now? Believe it or not there are lots of things you can do to temporarily relieve any discomfort you may be having until you can get to the office.

Poking Wire – Use an eraser from a pencil to push the wire down so it isn’t poking into your cheek, gums or lips. Then cover it with wax so it won’t hurt you again until you can see Dr. Reagin.

Loose Bracket or Band – If the bracket or band is still attached do not pull it off. Put wax over it and call the office. If the bracket comes completely off wrap it in a tissue.

Loose Wire – Using a tweezer, try to put your wire back into place. If doing this and using wax doesn’t help, as a last resort use a small fingernail clipper to clip the wire behind the last tooth to which it is securely fastened. If your discomfort continues, place wax on it.

Loose or Damaged Appliance – If you appliance is bothering you, use wax to cover the part that is bothering you.

It is important that even if you have relieved the pain from a loose wire or bracket that you call and make an appointment as soon as possible. Delaying repair can interfere with the changes Dr. Reagin is making with your treatment. Orthodontic emergencies that require immediate attention are trauma to your mouth or face or loose teeth. Please do not hesitate to call the office if one of these things happens or if you feel you have an emergency.

Steps to Preventing Tooth Decay

Adult Braces

You have your braces on and you are looking forward to your beautiful smile that is in the not so distant future! You are dreaming of straight teeth and a bright smile! Dr. Reagin and the staff at Reagin Orthodontics will do the work on your straightening your teeth and bite, but you play an integral role in the bright part of your smile.

Caring for your teeth and preventing tooth decay with braces does take a little bit of extra effort. It is not insurmountable though!  Here are Dr. Reagin’s recommendations for healthy teeth and gums:

1-  Brush morning and night and after every meal.

2- Use a cone shaped brush called a proxa brush to get to hard to reach areas that your toothbrush cannot reach. Some orthodontic toothbrushes have a regular head on one end and a proxa brush on the other.

2- Floss with special flossers made just for braces wearers. These will allow you to get around the wires and pick up anything that may have been missed.

3- Use a fluoride rinse

4 – Avoid overindulging in sweets.

5- Continue to visit your dentist for regular check-ups.

If you do these five things you should have a great smile that you will want to show off when you braces are removed!

The Holiday Season Has Begun

Reagin Orthodontics Staff

We know most of you are off for a few days enjoying time with family and friends. Maybe some of you are even braving the traffic and the people to do a little shopping today! Thanksgiving is the kickoff to the holiday season for most of us and everyone at Reagin Orthodontics wants to wish you well as we enter into this time of year. It is a busy time, but don’t forget to slow down and take time for all those special people in your life!

Happy and Safe Holidays.

Tricks for Hosting a Braces Friendly Halloween Party


Halloween is a week away and on a Friday this year, making it a perfect time to host a Halloween party for your middle and high school age child and their friends. Hosting a crowd of 12-15 year old children will inevitably bring a bunch of kiddos with braces to your house. Reagin Orthodontics has some Halloween party food ideas that are braces friendly and shouldn’t leave your guests with loose wires and brackets.

Click on each the pictures to be taken to the recipe.





spider brownies

Have a happy and safe weekend!

Why Early Intervention?

Brit Reagin

In the 1990’s The American Association of Orthodontics began recommending orthodontic consultations for children at age seven because most children have lost several baby teeth by this point and permanent teeth are beginning to come in. At age seven, potential problems can be identified and steps can be taken to minimize the development of bigger problems down the road.

There are multiple reasons early treatment or early intervention may be recommended. A child’s jaw is still growing at the age of seven and should there be crowding, space can be made by expanding the palate to provide room for the permanent teeth to move into place. This can prevent multiple extractions and crooked teeth in years to come. Expanding a child’s palate can also assist with a misaligned bite.

During early treatment, traditional braces may also be used on front teeth to correct protruding or crooked teeth, as well as, assist in guiding erupting teeth into place. Wondering what other reasons early treatment may be recommended for your child?

  • Various bite concerns – open, deep or cross bites
  • Spacing
  • Teeth not emerging in the right sequence
  • Missing teeth

Early treatment will not be recommended for everyone. The best way to find out what is needed for your child is to schedule a consultation with a reputable orthodontist for an evaluation once your child is seven years old. Regain Orthodontics offers free consultations to all new patients and Dr. Regain will recommend a plan to start immediately or a time frame for your child to return to be reevaluated.

Should You See An Orthodontist

Reagin Orthodontics

We bet you and your children brush your teeth at least twice a day and you hopefully floss too! You probably also go to the dentist twice a year and trust your dentist to let you know if you need to do anything more. The majority of dentists will refer you to an orthodontist or oral surgeon if they see something that needs a specialist’s attention, but what if something is going on that they can’t see or you haven’t told them because you don’t think it is something you would talk to your dentist about it?

There are many reasons for a child or adult to see an orthodontist and you may not realize the health concerns an orthodontist can address. Many adults think that only children see orthodontists to straighten teeth, but that is not the case and behind crooked teeth is a cause that needs be corrected for a healthy bite for life!  An orthodontist may be able to help with many things for you or your child.

Reasons to Consult an Orthodontist

– Sleep apnea, mouth breathing and snoring
– Speech impediments
– Tooth decay and gum disease
– Problems chewing and eating
– Thumb or finger sucking
– Popping or clicking jaws
– Overlapping or crowding teeth
– A developing under bite, protruding front teeth

There may also be things that you think you don’t need a specialist for at all and your dentist can treat you, but often there is a big benefit from being evaluated by an orthodontist. An orthodontist goes to school for an additional two to three years after graduating from dental school specifically to learn about the jaw, teeth movement and more. They can evaluate a problem and often find the cause while providing the best approach to correct crowding, grinding or clenching teeth and TMJ pain to name just a few.

Dr. Reagin offers a free consultation to all of his new patients. There is no long term commitment or risk in scheduling an appointment to discuss your dental concerns and hear what he recommends.  Dr. Reagin and the Reagin Orthodontics staff will talk with you, take multiple x-rays, pictures and do an exam prior to recommending treatment options. Call us today to schedule you or your child’s appointment!

Before and After Orthodontic Treatment

It is no secret Reagin Orthodontics is in the smile business. Seeing the transformation in our patients’ smiles and the way that makes them feel truly makes us happy! The transformation is as much on the inside as it is on the outside and how can you not love your job when you get to be a part of that?

We take lots of before and after photos of our patients. They are always so surprised at the difference their orthodontic treatment has made! These two cases are AMAZING!
Orthodontic Treatment

Before and After Braces

Wondering what braces can do for you? Give us a call to schedule your free consultation.

Summer Social Contest at Reagin Orthodontics


Our Summertime Social Contest ends in 20 days! This means there is still time to enter and if you are the winner then you will be the proud owner of a Beats Pill 2.0!

Dr. Reagin gives you three ways to enter so you can have THREE chances to win.

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Seeing out patients beautiful smiles makes us smile too!

Here are two pictures from this week!

Reagin Orthodontics Summer Social Contest #ReaginSmiles

Reagin Orthodontics Summer Social Contest #ReaginSmiles