Financing & Payment Calculator

We work hard to make orthodontics affordable to you so that you may have the best orthodontic care available worry free! Calculate your monthly payments Questions about Financing? Schedule Your FREE Consultation PAYMENT POLICIES: The cost of treatment depends on the patient’s treatment needs. You will be able to discuss fees and payment options before treatment [...]

Early Treatment

Treatment early on can prevent invasive procedures later in life Does your child need orthodontic care? Looking at their smile, you might not think so. However, it takes the eyes of an experienced orthodontist to see if there are problems at hand. For example, parents may look at their young child and see perfectly straight [...]

Life With Braces

Braces bring big changes to your life When you wear braces, lots of things in your life will change. While the biggest is your smile, there are plenty of smaller accommodations you need to make while you are in treatment. Now, do not let this scare you away from orthodontic treatment; life with braces is [...]


Retainers allow you to keep your beautiful smile Once active treatment ends—in other words, once the braces come off or you are done with your Invisalign aligners—the retention phase begins. As the name implies, the retention phase is all about retaining the results of your treatment. While braces and aligners are excellent at moving teeth [...]

Braces Care

Learning how to take care of braces can take some practice when you first get them. But don’t worry; it’s not hard, it’s just a case of doing things a little differently from pre-brace times. Watch the video below to learn more! Questions about Braces Care? Schedule Your FREE Consultation