Back to School Tips for Braces Wearers

Back to school items

It is back to school time!

Next week everyone will be headed back to the classroom and for braces, retainer and Invisalign wearers a change in routine takes some additional adjusting to.

Dr. Reagin put together a list of items to make your school days a little easier. All of these items fit easily into a zippered pencil bag or box. Slide that into your locker or bookbag and adjusting to taking care of your braces at school will be a breeze!

Reagin Orthodontics Top Ten Items for Caring for your Braces at School

1- Toothbrush and Toothpaste – It is important that you brush after you eat. Leaving food in your braces is not only unattractive and can cause bad breath, but it can also lead to tooth decay.

2- Flosser – Flossing goes hand-in-hand with brushing. The special flossing tools for braces help to reach where your toothbrush doesn’t.

3- Wax – Sometimes braces and wires rub sore spots on your mouth. Keeping wax with you can help protect the sensitive skin in your mouth.

4- Chapstick – Braces wears often get chapped lips. Using Chapstick regularly will prevent your lips from cracking.

5- Compact Mirror – Sometimes you just can’t make it to the bathroom to check your braces between classes. Having a compact mirror will allow you to take a quick look at your braces and take care of things in a hurry.

6- Elastics/Rubberbands – It is important you wear your rubberbands/elastics exactly how Dr. Reagin tells you too. Not wearing them can cause you to stay in braces longer. Keep extra with you in case one breaks and to replace them out after you eat.

7- Invisalign or Retainer Case – The most common reason for needing a replacement appliance is because a patient accidentally threw one away. Put your retainer or Invisalign in its case at lunch and you won’t mistake it for trash on your lunch tray.

8- Musician’s Lip Protector – This is a must have for anyone that plays an instrument other than percussion or strings! This plastic guard slips over the wires and brackets on the front of your braces to protect your lips from any cuts or discomfort.

9- Mouth guard for Sports Players – Reagin Orthodontics provides each of their patients with a mouth guard. Mouth guards protect the teeth and gums from damage while playing sports. You and Dr. Reagin have put a lot of time into that beautiful smile, mouth guards help to take care of it!

10- Reagin Orthodontics t-shirt! – Okay, so you may not need to wear your Reagin Orthodontics t-shirt to take care of your braces, but Dr. Reagin loves it when you show your office spirit! There is an added bonus too, wear your t-shirt on the day of your appointment and you will get entered in our monthly drawing to win $25 cash!

Each of us hopes you have a wonderful start to the school year!

Before and After Orthodontic Treatment

It is no secret Reagin Orthodontics is in the smile business. Seeing the transformation in our patients’ smiles and the way that makes them feel truly makes us happy! The transformation is as much on the inside as it is on the outside and how can you not love your job when you get to be a part of that?

We take lots of before and after photos of our patients. They are always so surprised at the difference their orthodontic treatment has made! These two cases are AMAZING!
Orthodontic Treatment

Before and After Braces

Wondering what braces can do for you? Give us a call to schedule your free consultation.

Top Five Uses for Lasers in Orthodontics

lasers in orthodontics

Did you know that lasers can be used in Orthodontic treatment to make you
more comfortable during treatment, speed up the time you spend in treatment
and to even improve the results once your braces come off? Dr. Reagin is one of
just a few orthodontists in the greater Charleston area that is trained to use
lasers and has one in his office that he uses regularly.

How does Dr. Reagin utilize lasers in taking care of you and your smile?
Let us tell you!

Removing Muscle or Tissue Attachments

Muscles or tissue called frena can cause spaces between teeth or areas where teeth appear set back from other teeth. A laser can be used to shorten or remove this tissue with minimal discomfort. A laser prevents the need for surgery where sutures or scar tissue can be a result. Removing the tissue allows for spaces to be closed and helps to prevent recessions from forming.

Speeding up Treatment Time

Have you ever noticed someone’s smile where it looks like a part of the gum is covering too much of a tooth? When this happens it can prevent an orthodontist from placing a bracket on the tooth. With the use of in-office laser treatment, Dr. Reagin can free the tooth from the gum versus waiting for it to push itself fully through or having to send a patient to an oral surgeon to remove the tissue that is blocking the tooth. By freeing the tooth sooner Dr. Reagin can place a bracket on the tooth and begin moving it into place with your other teeth. This typically results in less time in braces, which everyone loves!

Treating Canker Sores

Aphthous ulcers can form for a variety of reasons and sometimes it is due to braces rubbing on your gums. Did you know they can last up to two weeks? Instead of waiting out aphthous ulcers and for the pain associated with them to go away, Dr. Reagin can use a laser to provide immediate relief with the added benefit of preventing a sore from reoccurring in the same location.

Reducing Gum Swelling

Learning to brush and floss properly with braces is an important skill. Sometimes as you learn to properly care for your teeth with braces the gums become puffy because you cannot get the toothbrush beneath bracket leaving bacteria behind. The bacteria builds up and can cause infection and gum swelling. The swelling can be reduced with a laser to enable patients to brush and floss correctly to prevent this from happening in the future.


Evening the Gum Line

Your braces are removed and your teeth are beautiful, but why do some teeth look longer than others? This is most likely due to an uneven gum line. It may be possible for Dr. Reagin to reshape your gum tissue using a laser for your teeth to all look the same size.

Dr. Reagin believes in continued educational growth for himself and his staff in order to provide his patients with the best possible care. Becoming certified to use lasers has been part of this growth. He and his staff regularly attend classes and seminars to make sure they know current techniques and procedures to provide you with your best possible smile.

Call us today for your free consultation. The team at Reagin Orthodontics would love to develop a plan specific to you and your needs!

The Connection between Bullying and Teeth Appearance

bullying and teeth appearance

Definition   Bullying is the aggressive behavior or deliberate harm repeatedly towards another person or group. Bullying can be physical, verbal or indirect by the manipulation of social relationships with gossip, rumors or exclusion. We are all aware that bullying is a national problem and unfortunately most people have probably experienced some form of bullying at one time or another in their lives. Unfortunately bullying can have a negative effect on one’s self-esteem and outlook. Statistics from the U.S Department of Health and Human Services and the UCLA Psychology Department have published these statistics for 2014:

  • 20% of U.S. students in grades 9-12 reportedly have experienced bullying
  • 28% of students in grades 6-12 report the same. Experts agree that most incidences of bullying occur during middle school.

Most of the students report name calling as the most prevalent type of bullying.

  • 44.2% of bullying is teasing which is playing jokes and calling a child names
  • 43.3% of children have rumors and lies spread about them verbally or online
  • 36.3 % of children experience pushing and shoving in lines or class
  • 32.4% report hitting, shoving, and kicking by peers
  • 29.2% have been left out or ignored by classmates

The American Academy of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics conducted a study among sixth graders which revealed the number one physical feature that leads to bullying was the appearance of a child’s teeth. Features such as missing teeth, odd spacing between teeth, shape or color of teeth and prominent upper front teeth were all things children were commonly teased about.

The good news is that often something can be done to improve the appearance of teeth. At Reagin Orthodontics we recommend the best treatment plan for your child that not only corrects teeth for improved alignment and bite, but hopefully will help your child feel better about how their teeth looks.  We all want children to feel confident.

If your child has expressed concern about their teeth or you feel they may be teased about the appearance of their teeth, summer is a great time to be proactive and have a free consultation by Dr. Reagin to determine a treatment plan. Even if treatment is not recommended at the current point in time, your child will feel better knowing that a plan is in place for the future. This can help them face the new school year confidently.

You may think your child is too young for an orthodontic evaluation, but that is probably not the case! Once your child turns seven a consultation is recommended so early intervention can take place if necessary. Call us and set up your appointment today and get a jump start on the school year and take a proactive approach in preventing bullying due to the appearance of teeth!

Summer Social Contest at Reagin Orthodontics


Our Summertime Social Contest ends in 20 days! This means there is still time to enter and if you are the winner then you will be the proud owner of a Beats Pill 2.0!

Dr. Reagin gives you three ways to enter so you can have THREE chances to win.

1-) You upload a photo to our website,

2-) You share your photo on Instagram

3-) You share your photo on Twitter

We even make it even easier than that though! Just click here and you will be taken to links to enter on each of these sites!

Seeing out patients beautiful smiles makes us smile too!

Here are two pictures from this week!

Reagin Orthodontics Summer Social Contest #ReaginSmiles

Reagin Orthodontics Summer Social Contest #ReaginSmiles

Reagin Orthodontics – American Made

4th of July banner

Happy Fourth of July! We love celebrating this wonderful country we are all fortunate enough to live in! We truly are blessed to call the U.S.A. and Summervile our home! It is one of the many reasons Dr. Reagin and his family believe in supporting American made products and businesses whenever possible. It is important to do everything we can to keep our country’s people and economy strong!

Reagin Orthodontics believes in living, shopping and giving locally. In doing so everyone benefits with high quality, dependable results and trust in our community and its members. Locally doesn’t always mean just in your city – it can mean buying American made. This is an important part of our business, which is why we buy the majority of the products we use from the company, American Orthodontics in Wisconsin.

American Orthodontics considers themselves a global company with a local heart. They have been in the same Wisconsin town since 1968 and manufacture 95% of their products in that location! They are a high quality dependable company and we love doing business with them!

According to ABC News, if consumers spent 1% more on American made products, it would create 200,000 additional jobs. What would happen if we really made an effort and spent more than 1% on American products? Can you imagine our impact? The jobs created and the positive effect on individuals and communities would be amazing! As a small business we certainly want to do our part whenever possible to be a part of that change! 

Summerville Fourth of July

Reagin Orthodontics Monthly T-Shirt Contest

Did you know that each month we have an in office t-shirt contest  Each of our patients that wears a Reagin Orthodontics t-shirt to their office visit is entered into a drawing to win a $25 cash! It’s that easy!

Have you seen our t-shirts? If not here are a couple of our favorites!

Reagin Smiles t-shirt

Reagin Smiles t shirt

Make sure you wear yours to your next visit!

Endurance Athletes and Dental Health

Reagin Orthodontics

We take our health seriously at  Reagin Orthodontics. Dr. Reagin and many of the staff members take time each day to exercise. You might just see Dr. Reagin running through the streets of Summerville during his lunch break.

We talk to you often about how to care for your teeth while you have braces, but your dental health is important us whether you are a current braces wearer or not. And your physical health is also important to us.So when we saw an article recently on the Huffington Post  about the dental health of endurance athletes we immediately had to read it!

Would you believe that endurance athletes, who are often at the height of health, can have poor dental health? That’s right, endurance athletes and runners are more prone to tooth decay and dental problems than the rest of the population.

Wondering why people in peak condition are prone to tooth decay? Click here to read the article on Huffington Post by Jason Saltmarsh and find out all the details!

Reagin Orthodontics On Social Media

reagin orthodontics social media

Happy Friday morning! Did you know that Reagin Orthodontics is everywhere you are online? We love being connected with our patients and our community, so we want to keep you in the know about all the fun we have.

If you haven’t “liked” us on Facebook, click here. You can see what happens each day in our office, see who we have “spotted” in our sticker contest and much more!

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Now is definitely the time to follow us on Instagram @ReaginOrthodontics and Twitter @reaginortho. You can get extra entries into our summer contest and have the chance to win a Beats Pill 2.0, just by uploading your smile picture and tagging it #ReaginSmiles.

We love hearing from you, follow us and show us your smile!

One Office. One Focus.

reagin orthodontics office staff

We know we’re different. We planned it that way.

What makes us different from a lot of orthodontic offices is our philosophy: One Office. One Focus. Your Family. We don’t have multiple orthodontists in our office – we have one. We don’t have several locations – we have one. What this means for the patient is that each time you visit Reagin Orthodontics, you are guaranteed to see Dr. Reagin.  And one location means that you can make appointments based on your schedule – not the orthodontist’s.

Having more than one office may sound appealing – the more, the better, right? We even tried it ourselves. However, we found that patients want to see their orthodontist at any given appointment time – and in the office where they are accustomed to going. So we listened and changed our focus to suit the convenience of our patients rather than the other way around. For the past six years we have been practicing from one office, to greater patient satisfaction.

We also found that people prefer consistency. If patients are seen by one orthodontist, they want to be seen by that same orthodontist in the future. It is reassuring to know that your orthodontist is familiar with you, your history, and your needs. Plus, valuable appointment time can be used on treatments – not reviewing your last visit with somebody new. We want your time with us to be pleasant, professional, and convenient so you can get on with your day.

Sure, we could see more patients with more offices, but we would rather serve fewer people better. We want to work with the people in our community, and our community is Summerville. Our team of professionals puts the focus where it should be – on you, our neighbors.

That’s why we at Reagin Orthodontics practice what we believe: One Office. One Focus. Your Family. Call us today to schedule your free consultation.