Tricks for Hosting a Braces Friendly Halloween Party


Halloween is a week away and on a Friday this year, making it a perfect time to host a Halloween party for your middle and high school age child and their friends. Hosting a crowd of 12-15 year old children will inevitably bring a bunch of kiddos with braces to your house. Reagin Orthodontics has some Halloween party food ideas that are braces friendly and shouldn’t leave your guests with loose wires and brackets.

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spider brownies

Have a happy and safe weekend!

Why Early Intervention?

Brit Reagin

In the 1990’s The American Association of Orthodontics began recommending orthodontic consultations for children at age seven because most children have lost several baby teeth by this point and permanent teeth are beginning to come in. At age seven, potential problems can be identified and steps can be taken to minimize the development of bigger problems down the road.

There are multiple reasons early treatment or early intervention may be recommended. A child’s jaw is still growing at the age of seven and should there be crowding, space can be made by expanding the palate to provide room for the permanent teeth to move into place. This can prevent multiple extractions and crooked teeth in years to come. Expanding a child’s palate can also assist with a misaligned bite.

During early treatment, traditional braces may also be used on front teeth to correct protruding or crooked teeth, as well as, assist in guiding erupting teeth into place. Wondering what other reasons early treatment may be recommended for your child?

  • Various bite concerns – open, deep or cross bites
  • Spacing
  • Teeth not emerging in the right sequence
  • Missing teeth

Early treatment will not be recommended for everyone. The best way to find out what is needed for your child is to schedule a consultation with a reputable orthodontist for an evaluation once your child is seven years old. Regain Orthodontics offers free consultations to all new patients and Dr. Regain will recommend a plan to start immediately or a time frame for your child to return to be reevaluated.

Halloween Candy for Braces Wearers

halloween candy for braces wearers

Halloween is around the corner which means lots of Halloween candy! While there are treats that can be enjoyed by braces and retainer wearers there are others that are better off avoided!

Candies that are gummy and chewy can stick to your braces and brackets and be nearly impossible to remove. Gummy and chewy, as well as hard candies can even break brackets and wires. Some key candies you are better off avoiding are gummy bears, caramels, taffy, licorice, bubble gum, candy corn, Jawbreakers, Jolly Ranchers and similar candies.

Often chocolate treats are better choices for those with orthodontic appliances. Peanut butter cups, chocolate candy bars and chocolate covered pretzels are all relatively soft and will be easier on your braces.

If you do eat something that results in a bracket or wire breaking, call us as soon as you can so we can get you into the office to repair the damage. Your treatment is not effective with broken or damaged parts.

Remember all candies contain a lot of sugar. If you do indulge in a treat it is important that you brush and floss your teeth afterwards. While this is important for non-braces wearers also, it is essential for those with braces. You have a lot of extra spaces for sugar and candy to get trapped and cause tooth decay. Brush your teeth and use the flossers made for braces to ensure you remove all the sugar from your teeth.

Do you want to trick or treat with your friends, but skip eating the candy? Reagin Orthodontics will host their annual Halloween Candy Buyback again this year. Watch the our blog and Facebook for details and information about a new surprise for those who participate!

Teacher Wish List Winners for 2014

As part of Reagin Orthodontics on-going commitment to education and our community the 2014 Teacher Wish List Contest took place during the months of August and September. What is the Teacher Wish List Contest? It is our way of helping off-set the cost of classroom supplies for three lucky area teachers. Area teachers visited our website and registered by building their wish list. Four teachers (drawn at random) are being given $250 each towards purchasing the items on their wish list!

Watch the  this video to see who the lucky winners are!

The Summerville Journal Scene Progress Report

Did you see Dr. Reagin’s article in the Summerville Journal Scene Progress Report 2014 yesterday? It’s a great article and we want to share it with you here today, just in case you missed it!

Easy as “Phi”: The Science, Technology, and Art of Building Great Smiles

The “Golden Ratio,” often referred to as the Greek letter “phi,” has always captivated my imagination. From nature and biology to art and architecture, this geometric proportion is often thought of as the mathematical expression of beauty.  The chambers of a nautilus shell, the geometry of crystal formation, human proportions as depicted in da Vinci’s “Vetruvian Man”, the entire structure of the Acropolis in Athens; all examples of the “Golden Ratio” in our world.  So it will probably not be a surprise when I, an orthodontist, take note of “phi” in both our faces and our smiles in crafting the optimal outcome for my patients. As you will see, technological advances enable more accurate measurements and pain-free orthodontic care, but at the core of creating great smiles is the intersection between math (physics), biology, and art.

It may seem far-fetched to correlate the practice of orthodontics to anything resembling art.  After all, orthodontists must first attain a degree in dental medicine, and then enter into a two to three year residency focused specifically on the etiology of bite disorders and the physics and physiology of moving teeth.  This all sounds very much scientific and un-artsy, right? However, this specialization in orthodontics itself includes a degree in Dentofacial Aesthetics, and “aesthetics” is defined as “a study of outward appearance in terms of beauty and/or art.” So to be clear, beyond the physics of tooth movement, an orthodontist must thoroughly understand the proportions of a given patient’s face in order to engineer a smile that is both healthful and beautiful.

Technological advances in the field of orthodontics have yielded a set of tools that not only helps to zero in on better, faster treatment plans, but does so in a way that makes orthodontic care more comfortable, and ultimately, more affordable.  For example, our office is one of few in the region that has invested in the iTero® digital scanning system that yields vastly more accurate measurements of a patient’s mouth.  For the patient, this means no more “goopy” impressions, itself a great benefit.  But clinically speaking, iTero provides me with an incredibly precise model from which I can more quickly create a better treatment plan.  The result is an improved patient experience that includes a shorter time in braces or Invisalign® and a more affordable, better treatment outcome.

The sum of it all is that our investment in cutting edge technology certainly means a vastly better patient experience while in care.  So, too, does the technology enable my team to take better, more accurate measurements that help me to craft optimal treatment plans.  But the science of moving teeth to yield a great smile is reliant on creating a balance of proportions, the “Golden Ratio” of a “golden smile,” if you will.  Understanding this balance is the real art in orthodontics.  As easy as “phi.”

When Should You Visit an Orthdontist

Dr. Brit Reagin

One of the most common questions we get asked is, “When should my child visit an orthodontist?”  This is a great question, because for most of us the age has changed since we were children. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends your child have a orthodontic consultation by age seven. This is most likely much earlier than when most parents experienced their first trip to the orthodontist!

Why should your child see an orthodontist by the age of seven? Research has shown that there are many issues that can be avoided and corrected while the permanent teeth are still coming in. Early intervention can eliminate some dental problems from developing into a problem later.

In many cases the consultation at age seven will not result in an immediate treatment plan, but allows the orthodontist to do an evaluation and let you know when your child should return for reevaluation. There are some situations that can be vastly changed and improved when treatment at a young age takes place. If any of these are present and you have not seen an orthodontist yet, it is time to consult one. These can lead to bigger problems in years to come.

1-      Finger or thumb sucking

2-      Jaws that look too far forward or too far back

3-      Early or late loss of baby teeth

4-      Difficulty chewing or biting food

5-      Clenching or grinding of teeth.

6-      Difficulty speaking

While early treatment can help with a child’s self-esteem, by correcting crooked or poorly spaced teeth, it most often is to prevent future jaw problems and to make room for permanent teeth that may be having difficulty coming in. Jaw and bite concerns can typically be identified by age seven allowing Dr. Reagin to correct them before they cause on-going or bigger concerns.

Consultations are free and a referral from your pediatrician or dentist is not required for a consultation by Dr. Reagin. If you child is seven or older call our office today! It can give you and your child peace of mind.

Can Sports and Energy Drinks Damage Your Teeth?

Sports Drinks and Teeth

The short answer is yes, they can. Dr. Reagin thinks exercising and taking care of your overall health is important, but wants his patients to think twice about consuming large amounts of sports and energy drinks when exercising. They can damage both your teeth enamel and your waistline with the acid and added sugar each of them contains. Many people think these drinks contain less sugar and acid than traditional sodas, but often that is not true.

While both energy and sports drink can do damage to your teeth because of the high level of acid and sugar in them, energy drinks do twice the amount of damage, according to a study published in 2012 in the journal of General Dentistry. Amounts vary by brand and flavor, but there is no one brand or flavor that is exceedingly better than the others.  Southern Illinois University School of Dentistry analyzed the levels of acidity in nine different energy drinks and 13 different sports drinks to determine each brands composition.

They went further by soaking tooth enamel samples in each sports or energy drink. The samples were soaked for 15 minutes in each drink, and then were soaked for two hours in artificial saliva, for four times a day for five days. The researchers found that enamel damage was evident after just five days.

Most student and adult athletes do not need to consume sports drinks daily when participating in moderate intensity activities. Drinking plenty of water and sports drinks in moderation is often enough. If you do consume sports drinks, you can rinse your mouth with water to help reduce the amount of acid that remains on your teeth.

If you have an increase in cavities or teeth that have become sensitive to touch or temperature change talk to Dr. Reagin or your dentist at your next appointment. These can be the result of damage to your tooth enamel.

Fall Sports and Your Child’s Smile

mouth guards

It’s the first week of September and fall sports have kicked off! Sports physicals are complete, uniforms and shoes have been purchased and you are ready to sit on the sidelines and watch your children in their latest sports endeavors.

There may be one thing that was overlooked though. While some sports require facial and mouth protection not all do, but just because it is not required doesn’t mean it is not a good idea.  Soccer, volleyball, basketball or any sport where there is potential to be hit by a ball or collide with another player can result in damage to soft tissues of the mouth, broken teeth or lost teeth. A mouth guard can prevent many of these injuries from happening.

Dr. Reagin recommends mouth guards for most sports and he provides them to all of his patients. The good new is you don’t have to be a patient of Reagin Orthodontics to make an appointment for a mouth guard. It is a simple phone call and he would be happy to fit you or your child for a custom mouth guard.

Many injuries that could cause long term damage to the mouth and teeth can be prevented by wearing a mouth guard, so call us today!

nterested in finding out more about mouth guards, read this article from our Spring Newsletter.

Should You See An Orthodontist

Reagin Orthodontics

We bet you and your children brush your teeth at least twice a day and you hopefully floss too! You probably also go to the dentist twice a year and trust your dentist to let you know if you need to do anything more. The majority of dentists will refer you to an orthodontist or oral surgeon if they see something that needs a specialist’s attention, but what if something is going on that they can’t see or you haven’t told them because you don’t think it is something you would talk to your dentist about it?

There are many reasons for a child or adult to see an orthodontist and you may not realize the health concerns an orthodontist can address. Many adults think that only children see orthodontists to straighten teeth, but that is not the case and behind crooked teeth is a cause that needs be corrected for a healthy bite for life!  An orthodontist may be able to help with many things for you or your child.

Reasons to Consult an Orthodontist

– Sleep apnea, mouth breathing and snoring
– Speech impediments
– Tooth decay and gum disease
– Problems chewing and eating
– Thumb or finger sucking
– Popping or clicking jaws
– Overlapping or crowding teeth
– A developing under bite, protruding front teeth

There may also be things that you think you don’t need a specialist for at all and your dentist can treat you, but often there is a big benefit from being evaluated by an orthodontist. An orthodontist goes to school for an additional two to three years after graduating from dental school specifically to learn about the jaw, teeth movement and more. They can evaluate a problem and often find the cause while providing the best approach to correct crowding, grinding or clenching teeth and TMJ pain to name just a few.

Dr. Reagin offers a free consultation to all of his new patients. There is no long term commitment or risk in scheduling an appointment to discuss your dental concerns and hear what he recommends.  Dr. Reagin and the Reagin Orthodontics staff will talk with you, take multiple x-rays, pictures and do an exam prior to recommending treatment options. Call us today to schedule you or your child’s appointment!

National Tooth Fairy Day

Summerville's Tooth Fairy

Today is National Tooth Fairy Day and we cannot think of a better time to tell you about Reagin Orthodontics’ very own Tooth Fairy! We love when she flies in to our office bringing her own special magic everywhere she goes.

Did you know she can even come visit your school? Educating Summerville’s children about the proper way to care for their teeth is an important lesson that is taught in Kindergarten and First grade classes each year. When the Tooth Fairy teaches part of that lesson, children really listen!

Our Tooth Fairy makes the lesson more fun and of course more magical! She comes to your school in her sparkly gown and glittery wings with her wand in hand. Once in your classroom she talks with the children about the best way to care for their teeth and gives each student a chart so can they can keep track of when they lose each of their baby teeth.

The children can asks questions about dental care, as well as questions about her. One of our favorite questions that always gets asked is where does she get all the cash she leaves each night!

If you would like the Tooth Fairy to visit your child’s school during the 2014-2015 academic school year ask your teachers and administrators to contact Reagin Orthodontics at 871-4411 or to arrange a visit.

If you child has lost a tooth recently, visit, for a special message from her!